Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Solution: Yes we dream. Yes we can. Yes We Will: Solutions For Realizing Your Personal Power In An Obama Era

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America is facing an era of exciting, unprecedented change that will affect the world. Our country has stood with Barack Obama, its new president, and said, “Yes we can!” Now, for the first time, Rodney Sampson offers every American a blueprint for fulfilling his or her dreams in the new, positive yet challenging era we are entering together. In stirring prose, the author offers fascinating glimpses into Obama himself and what factors allowed him to overcome incredible odds to be elected to the nation’s highest position of power. Then, using practical wisdom and a visionary business sense, he explains to the reader how those principles can be put into action, from dream to potential to dynamic action. Using Rodney Sampson’s simple, just, profound guidelines, every American can realize his personal dreams in a time of change. This concise, absorbing volume is the perfect commemoration of a watershed moment in our nation’s history.

Order Your eBook Copy of "Yes We Dream. Yes We Can. Yes We Will: Solutions For Realizing Your Personal Power In An Obama Era." today for only $8.88.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Solution. Our $600 M Legacy Investor Challenge

Away with the rhetoric. Real change requires real solutions. We have searched long and hard in the spiritual and the natural to find a vetted solution that will provide everyday people with access to the "fancy" portfolios, stocks, bonds, advisors and investment infomation that the "rich, affluent and famous" have access to. Via a partnership with Save Daily and SBK Brooks, we are pleased to launch Direction Daily. Direction Daily is a savings, investing and charitable giving website that allows each and every one of us to save what we can on a monthly basis. Their technology allows us to gain access to funds that usually require initial investment of $1000, $10,000 or even $100,000. Look at your neighbor and say, "The door has been opened. A seat has been prepared. Now walk in, sit down and get busy!". Really and seriously, it's time to take our future and the future of our children's children into our own hands. It's our season of personal power!

As always, our goal is so "God" and so "us"! If you are reading this, we know that you are one of the one million people that will connect with this movement and save and invest at least $50 per month into your very own personal savings and investment account. That's $600 M (million) dollars per year. That's $1.2 B (Billion) in year 2. You can sign up for the $7 (includes a FREE investment account valued at sixty dollars per year), $12 (also includes the FREE investment account), and $70 dollar per month (includes the FREE investment account and $50 per month allocated to your monthly savings) level and help our movement grow at the same time. Let's make it happen. Click here to start the legacy process today.

It will be the most strategic 15 minutes you will invest ever.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

You can thrive during a recession?

Did you know that you can thrive during a recession? Yes, you can.

With this information, you will. The Direction Movement provides the answers in this 4 message exclusive series. Volume One includes over 100 years of intellectual currency and practial experience in messages from Dr. Rodney Sampson, Dr. Brian Mosley, Dr. Will Green and Pastor Tyrone Turner. Synergized with a prophetic and Pentecostal thread, these messages are designed to answer the tough questions you have about the recession, provide practical solutions and provide divine direction to the global community during this season of economic uncertainty and change. If you are smart, you will purchase a copy for yourself and copies for your closest family and friends. Detertine now that you are not participating in the recession and that you are living in a "recession proof zone"!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Direction Movement Vision

Listen to Dr. Rodney Sampson as he articulates the vision and activation strategy for The Direction Movement. Your support of just $7, 12 or $70/month helps us to activate this global vision. The value and benefits you receive are designed to help you grow in life and prepare for the future. As a leader, we encourage you to inquire about becoming a Gideon Partner which will ensure that you are one of our distribution centers and downstream beneficiaries by emailing us at directionbenefits@gmail.com today.

Monday, March 24, 2008

We want to give you $200. Work the system and make much, much more.

We want to give you $200. Join our mobile movement and receive Dr. Rodney’s Sampson new e-system, blacks and their TRILLIONS valued at $200.00 US. In this system you will learn how to activate the divine principles of entrepreneurship, economic development, and success in your local community today. Actually, we sell the system for $200. If you put the system to work, it will produce thousands and even millions. Remember, it's your season of personal power.

Join our mobile movement today and we will send you this awesome, life changing system designed to change your income and legacy.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Are you looking for direction?

Are you looking for direction in specific areas of your life? Are you concerned about your finances and the upward mobility of your family, business, career and health? Sigmund Freud defined the definition of insanity as "wanting new results but practicing the same strategies". It's time for you to practice new strategies to accomplish new results in your life. The process starts by getting new information designed to influence they key areas of your life! Keep reading and find out how.

About Direction Director - Dr. Brian Mosley

Dr. Brian Jefferson Mosley is the founder and Senior minister of Bread of Life Ministries, with corporate offices located in Newark, NJ and Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Mosley has been conducting crusades worldwide for 30 plus years. A native of New England, he answered the Divine calling upon his life at the tender age of fifteen. It was at this time that Dr. Mosley developed a burden in his heart for the lost. Since that time, Dr. Mosley has been instrumental in training ministers and laity to take authority over spiritual forces and walk freely from sin, sickness, poverty, and disease.

For 12 years, Dr. Mosley was the Pastor of the Greater Bethlehem Healing Temple located in Newark, NJ. During the time that he was a pastor, Dr. Mosley initiated the concept of the School of the Prophets, which was held at Essex County College in New Jersey. Outside of the Divine Word, it was Dr. Mosley who resurrected this concept, thereby inspiring other men and women of God to institute similar sessions that still flourish today.

Dr. Mosley functions as a Prophet and teacher in the body of Christ, with the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit accompanying his ministry. Because of the Divine impact and accuracy of the prophetic word of God that is present in his ministry, he has had the honor and privilege of ministering in South Africa and to the Royal family of the Kingdom of Swaziland. Dr. Mosley has also been seen on television by thousands across the nation in the renowned documentary, “Prophet!”

In 1992, the inception of Bread of Life Ministries an evangelistic/itinerant ministry was incorporated in Lake City, South Carolina, under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Mosley. He continues to travel extensively throughout the United States proclaiming his prophetically anointed message of healing and restoration that transcends every cultural and denominational barrier. Dr. Mosley is considered a “Pentecostal Diplomat”.

Dr. Brian Jefferson Mosley presently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

About Direction Director - Dr. Rodney Sampson

Dr. Rodney Sampson, a spiritual and intellectual dynamo, is affectionately known as "The Prophet of Economics".

Sampson is the lead pastor of Action Virtual Church, an emerging concept in which it’s non -traditional, entrepreneurial and jet set type members embrace a collective consciousness that leverages social media, mobile and web platforms to connect. In addition, he serves as General Overseer of Public Affairs and Business Development in The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.

Sampson reaches into the worlds of business, faith, and foreign relations simultaneously. He regularly consults heads of state, Fortune 500 corporations, and bishops representing millions of faithful constituents across the globe. Over the past ten years, Sampson has launched several ventures including Multicast Media Networks, a pioneering digital broadcast company; Intellectual Currency Exchange, an international advisory, strategy and business development firm and Intellect Media Group, a full service advertising and media buying group. He is also a Partner in E.Factor, a social networking community for entrepreneurs; an Executive Board Member at OHM, a global business development firm and Archiemae.com.

While developing several successful companies, Sampson has simultaneously emerged as an expert on leadership and entrepreneurship, speaking to thousands each year. Mentored by Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Robert Jennings and Dr. Brian Mosley, Sampson has provided consultations and strategic success plans to numerous political, business leaders, Fortune level companies, and global figures. A short list includes the late His Excellency Omar Bongo Ondimba, President of The Gabonese Republic, Price Waterhouse Coopers of Namibia, and Ambassador Kaire Mduende, United Nations Ambassador.

As a marketing and business futurist, Sampson has executed lucrative marketing strategies for Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, Disney/Walden Media’s The Chronicles of Narnia, and Dr. John Maxwell’s Maximum Impact and Living Leadership initiatives. For the last three years, he has taught seminars for Dr. John Maxwell’s EQUIP, a leadership development institute in Africa and the United States.

Sampson is the co-creator of Direction Movement, a 21st century movement dedicated to establishing a generation of creators, producers, owners, and legacy builders. The concept for this movement was created out of the need for a relevant spiritual experience that speaks directly to the changing times. Sampson is committed to further positioning the person of faith as a viable consumer and emerging producer.

Sampson is committed to building a global ministry of relevance and practical application designed to activate the divine purpose of God in the lives of this planet’s seven billion passengers. Taking intentional actions and steps towards education, entrepreneurship, economic development is the focal point of this sweeping global movement.

Sampson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Tulane University and a Masters in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management. He also studied in the Doctorate of Medicine Program at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine from 1995-1999. In 1998, Sampson received an honorary Doctorate of Ministry from the I.G.F Theological Seminary.

Sampson is the author of Your Manifest Destiny: 7.5 Words to Transform Your Future, Yes We Will: Solutions for Realizing Your Personal Power, and blacks and their Trillions: Introducing Symbiotic Economics.

A strong believer in global reinvestment, Sampson has been a friend of Africa. He has worked closely with The Republic of Namibia and The Republic of Gabon in the areas of leadership development, business development and strategy and public affairs.

For his contributions to humanity, Sampson was awarded The Phoenix Award - the City of Atlanta’s highest honor - by Mayor Shirley Franklin in 2004.

Sampson, his wife and four children live in Atlanta, GA, their hometown.

For a complete bio and timeline of Rodney Sampson, please visit http://www.rodneysampson.com/.